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The “Take Me Deep” story is now posted on my blog
Read this and the “Peace in our Time” story here>>>

Take Me Deep now added to the Welcome collection of songs.
A popular, “worship” song from way back - now totally rearranged and re-recorded.  Whilst not originally written as a kids’ song, the simplicity of it seems to fit well into this setting.  (And, in any case, the album is billed as “for the young at heart”!) Listen and/or download here>>>

I’ve written a few songs for kids over the years, many of which have never been recorded and some that I’ve not personally recorded.  During this time when health is an issue for me and I’m unable to get out and about gigging so much, it seems good to spend some time gradually putting an album of these songs together so that they’re available as a resource for your own encouragement or for using in your churches.  

To date I’ve added different versions of Jesus We Welcome You and Take Me Deep

Visit my music page and click on the “Welcome” image to have a listen with a view to downloading.

To go with the above, I’m making some of the song lyrics and chords available here>>>
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